Interior Paint 101


Goodness who knew picking paint was so much more than just picking paint! When we were picking paint for our house I knew


I wanted to go with grey and white as our two main colors. Having a general idea of the palette you want to go with is key before picking a hue in the palette. This is a good rule of thumb if you are painting your entire house and even if you are painting just one room. A home should flow and each room compliment each other, rather than each room standing on it’s own. Pinterest has some great ideas on Farmhouse/Craftsman color palettes. It’s important to pick a color scheme and to carry this scheme throughout your entire home. Keeping your two main colors neutral and then having a palette you can use for the other rooms in the house

Before even deciding on color, there is the matter of choosing oil base paint or water base paint. I have used both and can say that I prefer water base. Oil base did apply smoother and it also was more durable on our kid friendly home. But, Oil base was harder to clean up, it can crack or yellow over time and its a pain to dispose of when we finished. Water base has come such a long way in durability and ease in use, the majority of big box stores carry water base.

Choosing a paint brand depends on budget and life of the paint you are going for. If you aren’t planning on leaving the room the color you chose for very long, I would pick something cheap like a gallon from Walmart. I have used Walmart paint for several projects and rooms. The problem is that it always takes more than one coat before getting proper coverage and it also wears and shows dirt easily. In my opinion, when using “one coat” paints, I often have to do more than one coat to get proper coverage as well. The higher the quality of paint you use, the more likely it will be that you do only have to do one coat on your walls, and even have the one coat include your primer as well. More expensive paints are also more washable and offer a great scrub resistance. A cheap paint drives me bananas when I try to scrub crayon off the wall and the paint comes with it.

Paints come in a variety of finishes, including flat, eggshell, semigloss/satin and high gloss. Flat paint is more forgiving and hides flaws well, but it doesn’t stand up well to scrubbing. High-gloss paint is washable and easier to maintain, but it reveals surface imperfections and painting errors. For my home we decided to go with a satin paint on the walls and ceiling, a satin on the kitchen doors, and a semi-gloss on the trim and craftsman moldings.

The brand our builder recommended was PPG. We looked up their color palette and saw they have a color scheme that is actually named modern farmhouse, which was kinda of the theme of our home. We are incorporating a lot of the craftsman wood features, but wanted to go with all of the farmhouse color trends.



These are the top 5 rated paints with Better Homes and Gardens. They were rated 1-5 based on Coverage, Finish, Value, VOC, and Stain Resistance. Once we looked online at PPG in regard to ratings and reviews it seemed a great choice for us.

Our main color for the home is called Fog and as I said above will be in a satin sheen. The trim and craftsman moldings were painted in Semi-Gloss Delicate White. I am not fond of shiny walls and I absolutely hate the way flat looks on a wall, so satin was a basic choice from process of elimination. Here’s a swatch of Fog and Delicate White:


Here are some picture of these colors on the walls:



The thing about choosing a grey is to pick one in the right hue that goes with the rest of the tone of your home. This goes the same for you white. The white we picked was a tone that complimented the grey tones because this was our main color of the walls and ceiling. These pictures I hope show that even tho we picked a grey color for the walls, it doesn’t darken the house or add too much color but rather compliments the white molding.

In the kitchen we picked the same color white for the above cupboards, but for the bottom half of the colors and every bathroom but the master, we picked Gray Stone. You can see a swatch of the Gray Stone above. Here is the color on our cupboards:

Remember, we kept in our Modern Farmhouse color pallet when choosing these colors, and we made sure to pick the right hues to compliment each color. We chose sheen in the right places to have a more durable and stain resistant effect and we picked a paint that was a four star in Coverage, Finish, Value, VOC, and Stain Resistance. I hope this helps you when you’re picking colors and paints for your space.

More updates will be added to this page as we work toward completing our home!