We have attempted to answer all F.A.Q.’s here, however, if you think of anything please do not hesitate to contact any of the TBC Team for help!

What is The Builders Challenge?

The Builders Challenge was created so that twice a year we can challenge and learn from each other while showing of and inspiring others at the same time! We provide one plan for you to build and give you three weeks to build it and post it to your IG account. Your piece will then be judged and three winners will be chosen. If you’d like to join the party and receive a set of plans the day the challenge starts click HERE.

What are the The Builders Challenge rules?

The rules are pretty simple- Modifications are allowed and encouraged. The whole point of this challenge is to see what everyone’s interpretation is of the same plan. However, we must be able to tell the plan you used is the plan that we provided. If we can’t tell you used this plan, then your piece will be immediately disqualified. For example, if the challenge is to build a dining table, don’t build a bed. If we ask you to build a coffee table and you build a desk by simply changing the hight, this is an allowable modification. We must see the origination of the plan. Again, modifications are not required, but STRONGLY encouraged because its fun to see each builders character in these builds.

How long does the Challenge last?

The Challenge lasts 3 weeks.

How can I win?

There are 3 categories in which you can win the Finest Craftsman, Intermediate, and Novice. You must pick ONE category to enter your build into.

Rules for each Category:

Finest Crafstman

  • *Two types of furniture joinery.
    • Pocket holes and butt-joints don’t count toward this requirement, though you can use them in your project.
    • As an option, a novel form of joinery is demonstrated in the build plans. Give it a try!
    • If you use joinery we can’t see, please post a progress photo with the joinery in your final submission post.
  • Use premium wood in a portion of your build. Consideration will be given to skillful grain selection and use. (Flaws can be features!)
  • A finish that showcases the natural beauty of the wood. (Don’t hide it behind paint!)


  • Generally use advanced techniques
  • Are looking for a skilled competition.


  • Basic building knowledge with limited experience
  • Participating in the Challenge to have fun and learn from others.

What kind of materials can I use to build this piece?

  • Depending on the category you enter, depends on the material required. See above.

How am I judged?

  • The judges are provided a template by the TBC Team to judge your piece.
  • Each category will be judged using a 1-5 method with criteria such as modifications, creativity, build, origination, and wether or not your met the criteria required to enter the specific category. The build with the highest cumulative points is the winner.

How will you find my build so I can make sure I’m judged?

  • Once you post your final project you must post your piece and then fill out our Builders Challenge completion form. IF YOU DO NOT fill out a completion form- you will NOT be judged. To post progress photos please USE the hashtag #thebuilderschallenge7 or #tbc7progress.

Should we show progress photos?

  • 100% YES! We love to cheer you on and believe it or not so do hundreds of others who participate and watch the challenge every season. Its amazing to see everyone come together and support one another.
  • PLEASE post progress photos using the hashtag #thebuilderschallenge7 or #tbc7progress.

Can you do more mini challenges?

  • Due to popular request we are working on an annual mini challenge. It will occur between our Fall and Summer Challenges. It will last one week and have one winner. Follow our Instagram to stay in the know!


  • We have had builders from all over hang with us during the challenge and build. Anyone is invited and welcome to build with us. However, our sponsors are only committed to sending products to Canada and the United States because of different rules with sending products to different countries. If you win the challenge we will submit your address to all of our sponsors but we cannot guarentee that they can send the products to you.


  • Absolutely! But you can only win once per season. You cannot win more than one category during the same season.


  • YES! Follow the hashtag #tbc7sponsor to see who’s currently supporting the latest challenge and what they are giving the winners.

Follow along and see what our builders created and the latest challenge news by clicking here: #igbuilderschallenge OR #thebuilderschallenge

Lastly, Contact us 24/7/365 with any concerns or questions. During the challenge we take extra care to constantly check social media, email, and even our phones in case you need any support or help with your builds and don’t forget…Always Build OUTSIDE the Box!!

-The Builders Challenge Team

Raechal Petris-@desertwoodwrks
Lana Gonzalez- @glacierbuilt
Adam Beesley-@lazyguydiy