DIY Moana Inspired Mickey Ears


We have a trip to Aulani coming up in October so some Hawaiian inspired ears seemed fitting for the adventure. Even tho I am usually drilling, cutting, or staining- I decided to try my hand at crafting! I found a tutorial on Disney Style. I ended up paying about $5.00 for each set of Mickey ears. Using this as inspiration I rounded up the following products to make my Moana Ears:

In the Disney Style tutorial, they made their ears from a headband and foam. After pricing out this option I realized making 5 sets of ears can get pricey. I searched on Amazon and found a set of Mickey Ears for $12 and decided I’d rather work with a premade set of ears than have to construct my own AND this was a much cheaper route to go because the foam actually was a little pricey.

I first cut off the bows and started with making the left side of the ear which was the “Moana” side. Using a black marker I traced the shape of the ear and cut out two circles.


After glueing the fabric onto the ear, I used some jute rope and glued this using my

Next using a permanent marker and a pic of Moana’s outfit I googled, I drew characters on the fabric to represent her dress and using the burlap cloth I cut and glued a strip across the ear to look like her skirt:


Next I took apart the banana leaves I bought from Michaels and started to glue them to the other ear:





I also used a piece of jute and glued this around the ear and glued the Hawaiian flower to the bottom of the ear:

Lastly, I glued on some leaves I found from Walmart in their floral aisle. These leaves were $.97 for a bunch and I didn’t even use all of them for 4 headbands.

Using leftover burlap, jute,  and a marker I made a set of Maui ears for my nephew. Here’s what those looked like- I used an image from the computer and traced it onto the right ear and the rest was free hand from googling maui images.


Thanks for checking out our darling headbands and if you want to make your own, here are the links to everything I purchased!

Have Fun!!