DIY V-Day Craft

I wanted to share with you how I made my Valentines pallet craft. This craft cost me $5.00 to make. It is a lot of time painting and prepping. But if you have the time- it’s totally worth the cost. My prep work involved researching pallet and making sure to get the right ones to work with. To do this I used 1001 pallets tutorial they had on their website. It offers fantastic info!

After collecting the pallets- here’s a great video on how to break down pallet wood. I also sanded and cut the pallet wood in half. You can purchase mending brackets online at Amazon or at your local box home improvement store. I wanted to do a chevron background and so I traced this out with pencil before painting.


I wanted to go with a grey stain as well as a latex paint to try to preserve the integrity of the wood, but really you can paint the pallet wood with anything.

IMG_3267 Here is what the first round looked like. As you can see I clearly picked the wrong color for the pink. Back to the store for tomatoe red- and final outcome looked like this:


Much better!! I added a bracket on the back to hang it- but could also have drilled two holes and hung it with rope. Either way it is a darling addition to your Valentine decor!

Cost Breakdown:

Mending bars: $2.25 x2; Paint: $.50 (for the red, the other stuff I had); pallet wood: ZERO!

Let me know if you make your own pallet craft and how it turned out!