DIY Pallet Wood Arrow’s

These pallet arrows were so fun to make. Some pallets are easier to take apart than others- this one– not gonna lie- kind of a pain!


Here’s a great Tutorial on how to break down pallet if you need one- and he uses a Ridgid sawzall and I happen to be a pretty big Ridgid fan.

Once the pallet is in pieces here’s what it looks like:

Using my Hitachi miter saw I laid out my piece and cut the first piece at a 45 degree angle- turning my miter to the left. The first piece I disgarded. Then slip my piece to the right 3 inches and cut the piece again.

Repeat until you have the total amount of arrows you want times 2. I wanted 3 arrows so I cut 6 pieces.

Next comes painting. I wanted a rustic look so some got painted first- image

Disclaimer: I did paint the gold color- but then decided I didn’t like it and sanded it all off. THEN- I repainted the gold again on the clean, sanded wood and LOVED it.


It all for glued up and sat for a few hours. Another disclaimer: I have seen some tutorials where they use a mending plate on the back. I did not and my arrows have not fallen apart. But it’s always an option for you.

After the paint dried I used my sander and roughed them up. I sanded the two arrows clean and painted those with a gold metallic paint.
Last is the easiest! I used 3Mdouble sided tape to hang these and ta-dah!