DIY Hardware Installation

We recently finished building our home in Fort Worth. I absolutely love our kitchen! Its big with plenty of counter space and cupboards. With plenty of cupboards comes a major need for some amazing hardware. If your looking to update your kitchen but don’t want to invest thousands to do it, hardware is your go to! Its minimal in cost, but can completely change the entire look of your space.

Here are some before pics of how lonely our kitchen looked before we added hardware.

  Our kitchen is white and grey, which I felt like was the perfect color for using gold hardware. I found inspiration on the Hickory Hardware website and Instagram page. Here are the two pics I loved of Gold hardware against white that I thought were so pretty! Hickory also has super affordable hardware that are available at The Home Depot and online thru Amazon. What’s so great about Hickory is that there are several different types of gold finish options and they have a “try before you buy” policy that allows you to choose a few different options to see what finish works the best with your cabinets.  

I ordered every finish in gold that Hickory made and decided on the Skylight Collection in Elusive Golden Nickel.

Here’s what the Hardware looked like before I installed it.

 I installed the hardware with my sister as a weekend project. I cannot believe what an easy project this was. My first thought when I was getting ready to install the hardware was that one wrong hole in my cabinet and it’s not fixable! I was a little nervous thinking about that and wanted to have a good game plan on where my hardware was going to go on my cabinets so there were no mistakes. I started with measuring the cabinets to figure out the position of the hardware. I also made a mark on my ruler so I could make sure each time I drilled a new hole it was in the same spot.


After I marked and drilled my initial hole I screwed in one side of the handle and then used a level to mark where the second whole should go, rather than measuring again. This was a much easier and more precise way to make sure the hardware didn’t end up crooked



I took a picture of what my marking looked like before erased them. I drew a square around the end of the handle, lowered the side that wasn’t screwed and drilled my second hole. After screwing the second hole in I held me level up to make sure it was still level. Ta-Dah! This was so easy and efficient it made the hole process of drilling each handle very easy and quick. Here are some after photos of the kitchen. I love what a difference the hardware makes and how adding something as simple as hardware can take your kitchen to another level.




I loved the hickory hardware so much that when I saw they also carried Rose Gold in the studio collection, I had to have it for my daughters bedroom, and I was pretty excited when I saw it on Amazon as an add-on so I snatched up some knobs and her dresser and night stand turn out adorable.

Click here to see how I easily installed our Delta 2.0 brushed gold faucet to match the new hardware.

*This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. What does this mean? If you click the link and buy some hardware – I get some coffee money, (not a pony.) All opinions of the products in this post are my own. I work with companies I love and the compensation is an awesome bonus!