DIY Crown Molding


Crown Molding is one of the best ways to customize your home and add value to it. Most people think crown molding is really hard to do, but I wanted to add color to my daughters ceiling and I thought the crown molding would really help the flow of the room.

Here’s what it looked like before

:image      image

It looked good, but not great- it definitely  needed a little something to bring it all together. I had already done base molding and chair railing so adding the crown molding seemed like the perfect touch.

The absolute BEST tutorial I have found is by Eric Rosenfield. His company UDECOR offers great how to videos and their business goal is to help YOU do your projects with their products. They specialize in Ceiling, Molding, and Accent Elements.  Jim has several  YouTube videos that show you how to add accents to your home. The one I used for this project was How to Cut Outside and Inside corners for crown molding.

This project took me a few hours to complete and I cut and installed it on my own using a miter saw and a finish nailer. . One of the awesome tips Eric gives is how to set your molding on the fence before cutting it. I took pictures above so you can see what this looks like.

Once the angles were cut I set the crown molding on the top of my wall and bottom of ceiling and used my finish nailer to install.

Because walls typically aren’t exactly 90′ angles they don’t always match up perfectly when installing. But the fantastic thing about these little gaps is caulk! I’m obsessed with caulk. I love how it finishes any project you were working on. It’s very easy to use and when you squeeze it into the gap and give it a rundown with your finger and wipe it with a wet cloth your corners.

The finish project really does add a wonderful touch to her room and I love the flow from the wall to the ceiling.

I highly encourage you to look at UDECOR on you tube. I have viewed alot of different how to’s on cutting and installing crown molding and this is by far the best I have ever seen.

Good luck and if you have any questions please comment or email me! Happy crowning 🙂