DIY Barn Door Hardware


I know this can seem like a redundant topic, I have built my fair share of barn doors, but until recently, I had not ever installed my own in my house. This last month I installed my own barn door and I used about 3 different tutorials to do it. I was determined not to let this project cost more than about $30, including the barn door, because I know the hardware on these beauties can get pretty pricey. I’ve decided to combine these in an effort to give you a one stop spot to see how I did it.

Everything I bought was from Lowe’s Home Improvement Store and none of it was advertised as “Barn Door Hardware”. I had a picture of what I wanted and a patient husband. We wandered around until we found what we needed.

I found the pulley’s that we needed in the Garage Door Aisle. Next up was the track-

In the Hardware area we found weldable steel. We purchased two 3 ft pieces, but I later found out that our local Steel Mill sells the same flat weldable steel and they can cut it to size. In the same area we found 4″ screws and pre-drilled steel bars. So when we put it together it looked like this:


I sprayed everything gold to give it all and even color and that was that! I did not purchase stoppers. This is for a closet door so I really didn’t envision my girls giving the door such a huge swing open they would knock it off the track. So far so good!

Here’s a few additional pics to give you an idea of what the end product turned out like.


If you have any questions- please comment or email me- I’m ALWAYS happy to answer them!