DIY Barn Door for $25 in wood.

My local Home Depot has this fantastic tongue and groove wood for around $5 a piece. I needed a door that was about 7ft tall and this can as an 8ft piece, which was exactly what I needed!

The first step was cutting my boards down to 7ft with my miter saw. Once this was done I used liquid nails and surebonder wood glue and before I slid the tongue into the groove I squirt the glue into the groove.

I let this sit for about 2-3 hrs with clamps on so that I didn’t have to do anything else in regard to keeping the boards together. While it was drying I cut off the edge of the door that had the tongue sticking out. I used my Ryobi Jigsaw for this. I love my jigsaw! I use it a TON! My Ryobi has never let me down, I have had some cheaper jigsaws that break quite easily. (I purchased these from Harbor Freight.–side note– not all tools are created equal and the saying is true YOU do get what YOU pay for.)

After this and also while the glue was drying I used to end boards for decoration purposes as well as added reinforcement to keep the tongue and groove together. I use Spax screws on all of my builds for many reasons but the biggest are because they are SO easy to use- it doesn’t take much arm muscle, I can buy one box of multi use screws for several types of projects, and they are pretty screws so they don’t make my pieces look ugly! I decided to use a reclaim piece of wood for this process. It was part of the siderails on an old bed. After securing it with Spax Screws I sanded off the old stain so that the door absorbed the stain equally and didn’t look to different because I used different wood types.

When trying to decide which style of barn door you want I found this pinterest page to be super helpful in showing all of the different styles you can make.

Once the glue was dry I took of the clamps and stained my wood. I used Dark Walnut Varathane as well as Weathered Grey very lightly over the Walnut.


I ordered my hardware from Amazon. I found it for a whopping $75! (total steal) I have made my own hardware before, but this was such a good price and eliminated several steps of making my own hardware it was worth it.

Here’s what this little beauty looks like hung right outside my closet! Thanks for reading. Any questions- please email or comment. Thanks for stopping by!