IGBC 4 Reminders

Welcome to Season 4 of the IG Builders Challenge with plans by Jen Woodhouse.

Here are a few reminders for you as you get your plans and begin building your amazing challenge piece!


  1. Please DO NOT Share these building plans with anyone. These plans belong to Jen Woodhouse and are being kept on a private page. We will email you this page link tonight, but ask that you do not forward the email to ANYONE, share this link OR post this link to any social media outlets. The plan will be released publicly at a later date, but will not be released while the challenge is occuring.
  2. You are welcome to post as many pictures as you like or your progress. You can even post videos and share your building process with everyone. We actually totally encourage you to! We just don’t want any written step by step instructions floating in the web world until Jen has released these plans publicly.
  3. ***THIS IS NEW*** Only ONE post will be allowed this challenge as your submission. This post can have up to 10 pictures in it and we feel this should be a sufficient amount to show of your build. Once you post your final piece to Instagram, your “URL” will be available. This can be found by clicking on your post from a computer and then copying the address in your web address box. IF this sounds confusing please contact us and we will help you locate your URL. We will also do a video post before the challenge is completed so you have visual instructions on how to obtain this address.
  4. Now comes the part we didn’t want to tell you before… (she says mysteriously)… This year you have FOUR weeks to build this plan. You will totally get why when you open it. We want this to be a fun experience that doesn’t stress you out, so making sure you have plenty of time is important!! This build must be complete and submitted by NOV 1st at midnight PACIFIC TIME ZONE (We finally figured the time thing out.) This means by Oct 31st 11:59pm (Pacific Time ZONE) you MUST have your build completed and posted to you Instagram. On November 1st we will take the list from the form you filled out online and send it to our judges.
  5. Once you open the plans, (spoiler alert) you will see there are TWO pieces. SURPRISE! You are required to build the main piece of furniture created by Jen. The second piece is a bonus for you to have. You can use it and up the game or save it and add to your first piece later. You ARE NOT REQUIRED to build both pieces to complete the challenge and win. We love Jen for being so awesome!!

*********When you complete the build you MUST fill out a challenge completion form HERE (This form will be available soon. Check back in a few days)********

Also last season, there were a few of you that did not receive your completion t-shirt. We do have a handful left and if you’d like to have a season 3 t-shirt shipped to you, please fill out this form HERE.

If we missed anything- we are aways available to answer emails. If you have any questions during the challenge please don’t hesitate to contact us on any of the following avenues:

DM us on Instagram! IGBuildersChallenge

Contact any member of the IGBC4 Team:

@lazyguydiy             @furniturebypete                 @toolboxdivas

@glacierbuilt            @desertwoodwrks


Email us! Woodgraingirls@gmail.com

Text @Desertwoodwrks– 435-229-8228