About Me

Hey there! I’m Raechal, owner of Desert Woodworks and creator of The Builders Challenge.
I have 4 daughters and have been married for 14 years to Dave, who works in aviation at American Airlines Head Quarters. I have always had a passion for learning since I was young. When we had our fourth child I decided to quit my career in the health occupations field and raise our daughters full time. I quickly realized I needed something, along with motherhood, to help me feel complete. When the DIY movement first came into play I became a dedicated DIY network and HGTV watcher and “doer”.
I got my first taste of power tools when my Dad, who was a contractor, remodeled the first floor of my childhood home 5 years ago and I asked if I could help him. The first tool I used was a miter saw and it was awesome! Helping him remodel and using all of his different power tools lead me to realize I had to have my own power tools. Thru Pinterest, I found people who shared the “how to” side of DIY I was hooked. I started with building a dining table for my sister as something to do one summer when I was visiting her, and quickly realized I had found my hobby. I went home and started borrowing tools from my Dad, when my hobby became my passion. I was soon building and remodeling for myself and clients while documenting the “how to’s” along the way. I started with a drill and now have a whole arsenal of beginning and advanced power tools. I have evolved my passions into a love for the craftsman style with a pinch of modern farmhouse.
In 2016 we built our home in the Dallas,Texas area and I love sharing  my love for building furniture and customizing our home in the typical DIY fashion. Please subscribe to get our most recent home updates and follow my Instagram Feed. I love to build custom furniture and re-create boutique furniture. My home is my canvas for practicing new techniques and sharing them with you. We also recently embarked on building our first home and are thrilled to share this with you. I’m all about sharing the love and educating each other on how to build, make, and recreate. Im excited to empower and show anyone who is brave enough that anyone can pick up a tool and “build outside the box.”

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